• Built-in 20-400 kpa manifold absolute pressure sensor (MPXH6400)
• Built-in Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2

• 2 ignition channels for direct ground switched coils
• 2 injector drivers for controlling high-impedance injectors
• 1 high-current channel for one-wire idle air control solenoid
• 1 high-current channel for boost control solenoid or VVT/ VTEC/ VANOS control solenoid
• 1 low-current channel for fuel pump relay
• 3 low-current user programmable output channels

• Crankshaft speed and position sensor for Hall sensor
• Engine coolant temperature sensor
• Intake air temperature sensor
• Throttle position sensor
• Narrowband oxygen sensor or Wideband controller input
• Clutch switch input
• All inputs are fully protected from short circuits

Firmware features:
• Up to 4-cylinder support
• 1, 2 (Even fire only) and 4-cylinder engines with paired injectors and wasted spark ignition
• Modular wheel decoder support. Included decoders:
• Missing tooth (E.g. 36-1, 60-2 etc.)
• Basic distributor
• 3D 16×16 ignition map
• based on TPS (Alpha-N) or MAP (Speed Density)
• 3D 16×16 fuel map
• based on TPS (Alpha-N) or MAP (Speed Density)
• 2D 16×16 second fuel map based on either an external input or certain conditions being met (E.g. MAP going over 100 kpa etc.)
• Spark based Rev limiting
• Soft
• Rolling hard
• Full hard
• Over-boost protection
• Cranking specific enrichment, dwell timing and advance
• Coolant based priming pulse
• Coolant based After Start Enrichment (ASE)
• Warm Up Enrichment (WUE)
• TPS and MAP based acceleration enrichment
• Deceleration fuel cut off (DFCO)
• Battery voltage compensation for dwell and injectors
• Sensor calibration through TunerStudio (TPS, Coolant, IAT, Voltage and O2)
• Supports most OEM Engine Coolant Temperature and Intake Air Temperature sensors
• Firmware based analog sensor filter
• Tachometer output with changeable pulse duration (Normal and Half speed)
• Fuel pump activation/deactivation (With priming)
• Open and closed loop PWM idle control
• Closed loop boost control
• Open loop VVT control
• 2-step launch control
• General logging through TunerStudio
• High speed composite and tooth logging
• O2 based autotune (Registered version of TunerStudio required)


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